It’s no secret that the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house for seniors. Walk-in tubs provide a reliable way to experience more freedom in your own home, but the costs can be overwhelming, even through a payment plan. If you’re interested in a walk-in tub but are unable to afford the costs, we offer a very cost-effective solution to seniors. Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy is a proud supplier of Safeway’s CleanCut Door, a product and installation method that has been uniquely designed to provide an economical option for easier access into the bathtub. Now seniors have a more affordable option to other walk-in tubs in Indiana.

The CleanCut door can be installed in just about any type of bathtub, including those made from fiberglass, steel, and even cast iron! Not only can the CleanCut door offer a great option for retrofitting your tub into a walk-in shower, it adds a water-tight door that allows you to take a full bath. Now you can step in instead of stepping over, for superior safety when bathing. The CleanCut door significantly reduces the risk of falling in the bathroom while bathing or taking a shower.

Installation of the CleanCut door takes just 2-4 hours from start to finish. The costs you’ll pay for the proper installation of the CleanCut door is just a fraction of what you would pay for other walk-in tubs in Indiana. Use the savings to add additional safety features to your bathroom and stay independent in your own home for longer than you would otherwise be able to. This is a product that can provide exceptional peace of mind for seniors and their family members.

If you’re worried about an older relative living alone in their home, like a parent, an aunt or an uncle, the CleanCut door is a thoughtful and well-received gift. What you’re really giving is independence to a senior who may not be ready for assisted living but is experiencing difficulty getting in or out of the bathtub. The CleanCut door eliminates the worry that slippery conditions during a step in or a step out could lead to a serious fall that would result in months of recovery in a nursing home. Consumer experts estimate that a single fall in the bathroom could result in $35,000 or more in medical costs, which could seriously compromise a senior’s retirement.

At Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy, we carry a wide selection of products that increase bathroom safety, including grab and grip bars, bath benches and seats, bath mats, bath lifts, tub rails, and much more. Trust us for the quality you’re looking for in bathroom safety products. Your home safety is our prime goal, therefore, we would never think to compromise on the quality of products we offer. See our online inventory or call one of our product specialists with any questions.