If you’re a senior or care about an older relative living alone in their home, bathroom safety should be of prime concern. More seniors are injured in their bathrooms than in any other room in the house, making the bathroom a major target for concern during showering or bathing. If you’ve been looking at walk-in tubs or showers and have decided that the costs were not worth the benefits, Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy may have the perfect solution.

Visit the ‘Bathroom Safety’ section on our website to find one of the biggest sellers in our inventory. Our CleanCut Step is an affordable alternative to a new walk-in shower purchase- and costs a fraction of what you would pay for a walk-in. Your existing tub can be transformed into a safe and comfortable shower area using the CleanCut Step, eliminating a lot of the labor costs of removing your tub and replacing it with a new walk-in shower. Why waste the time and the cost when your bathtub is in perfectly good condition? Just call a local contractor to complete the job once your CleanCut Step arrives and your new walk-in shower will be finished in 2-4 hours on average.

As the most affordable walk-in showers in Indiana, our CleanCut Step is ideal for seniors who want to remain in their own home as they age and prefer the independence that comes with a walk-in shower. Our product can be installed in virtually any bathtub made from fiberglass, steel or cast iron. The results speak for themselves. Our customers tell us the CleanCut Step is one of the best investments they’ve ever made in their home- many even tell us they wish they had made the change sooner.

It’s certainly understandable why many seniors wait so long to look into a walk-in shower. The costs of products on the market today can reach into the tens of thousands! If you’ve been looking at products for your own home or for someone you care about who is living alone, we highly recommend taking a closer look at the CleanCut Step. The low cost of both the product and the installation will give you tremendous peace of mind that the risk of a slip and fall during showering will be greatly reduced.

We also carry the CleanCut Door, which can transform your existing bathtub into a full walk-in bath, using your existing tub as well. If you prefer a bath instead of a shower, but are having difficulties getting in and out of the tub, our CleanCut Door can enable you to continue enjoying baths without having to step up and over the tub sides. It opens just like the CleanCut Step, and seals water in. Browse our online inventory to save money on the installation of a CleanCut Step or CleanCut Door, and stay safe in your own home. We are a proud supplier of the most affordable alternative to walk-in tubs and walk-in showers in Indiana.