Do you plan on aging in your own home? Bathroom safety may be your biggest challenge as you invest in products that will allow you to enjoy ongoing independence. A walk-in bathtub can enhance the safety of any bathroom, yet the expenses can be overpowering, even through an installment design. If you’ve priced walk-in tubs and found them to be an impractical solution, we offer an extremely practical answer for seniors. Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy is a provider of Safeway's CleanCut Door, an item and establishment strategy that has been designed to give an efficient choice to easy access into the bath. The CleanCut door costs just a fraction of any other walk-in bathtub in Indiana.

Installment of the CleanCut entryway takes only 2-4 hours through and through. The costs you'll pay for the best possible establishment of the CleanCut entryway is more affordable to seniors and is every bit as safe and effective in providing a low-level step-in to your bathtub- the only difference is that you can keep your own tub. Many seniors use their savings with the CleanCut door to implement additional safety features throughout their home. It’s up to you what you do with the money you save from your purchase.

The CleanCut entryway can be introduced into pretty much any sort of bath, including those produced using fiberglass, steel, and even cast iron! The CleanCut entryway offers an extraordinary alternative for retrofitting your tub into a walk-in shower, and includes a water-tight entryway that enables you to enjoy a full bath. Walking in to the tub rather than walking over the tub barrier can significantly improve the safety of bathing and showering.

If you’ve been worrying over the safety of a parent or senior relative who is living alone in their home, the CleanCut door can provide peace of mind for you- and for them. Medical specialists have estimated that a single fall in the bathtub could result in a senior spending months in a nursing home, costing an average of $35.000, enough to deplete the savings of most seniors. Why worry when there is an affordable solution to the problem? The CleanCut door can be installed by a contractor or neighborhood handyman on the same day that it arrives by mail.

We carry one of the largest online selections of bathroom safety products at Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy, including the most affordable walk-in bathtub in Indiana. It’s called the CleanCut door, and it’s one of our biggest sellers. Our customers tell us their CleanCut door greatly improves the safety of their bathroom- one of the most dangerous rooms in the home for seniors. We are also a reputable outlet for additional bathroom safety products, such as grip and grab bars, bath and shower seats, mats, rails, and much more. Shop our affordable inventory to save money on all of your home safety products.