There’s no substitute for safety. For seniors aging in their own home, choosing a bathroom safety product with a poor design or one that has been made from inferior materials can result in a serious injury in the shower or bath. We recommend shopping from our inventory to find the perfect shower chair to make bathing and showering safe and convenient.

It’s no secret that the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the home- and for seniors, the dangers from a slip and fall could mean months of recovering from an injury. If you can’t afford to take months out of your life to heal from an accident, not to mention a significant hit to your savings account, finding a comfortable, secure shower chair from Indiana’s #1 bathroom safety supplier is the smartest way to go.

We carry numerous styles and types of shower chairs in our inventory, from simple, heavy-duty plastic seats that are comfortable to sit in while showering to more extravagant transfer seats that allow you to sit down before entering the shower area, then transfer across the tub or shower border effortlessly. We’re committed to providing our customers with options in safety products to ensure whatever your needs are, we have you covered. Take a closer look at the following products in our inventory:

We believe the Folding Universal Sliding Transfer Bench is the best shower chair in Indiana- and our customers tell us it’s one that offers exceptional peace of mind. If you’re finding it is more and more difficult to get in and out of the tub, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make expensive changes to your tub. The bench of this chair slides left and right along the durable frame and comes equipped with a seat belt for additional security. Added features include a removable soap dish, safety net to prevent dropping soap or shampoo, and ease of transport and storage, thanks to the unit’s folding capabilities.

Our Bath Seat with Adjustable Back is a lightweight and durable product that features a completely removable back for exceptional simplicity for seniors who require a seat while showering or bathing. Non-skid rubber tips and multiple drainage holes make this seat convenient to use, quick to dry, and very easy to place in and out of the tub. See our online reviews for this product or call on one of our product specialists for questions about this or any other shower chair.

You’ll find showering a breeze with the Bath Bench with Red Safety Handle- and the low cost makes it a very attractive product for bath and shower safety. Its 300 lb capacity and adjustable height seat makes this a very popular shower chair in Indiana for seniors. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to answer questions about our products and make recommendations based on your needs. Feel free to browse our entire inventory of bathroom safety products or reach out to us by phone.