Maintenance Tips For Respiratory Supplies In Indiana

Using respiratory equipment like CPAP is not easy. It can be tiring. It is important that you take good care of your respiratory supplies in Indiana to ensure durability and functionality. If your CPAP respiratory equipment is prescribed for the treatment of your sleep apnea, then you must have been thought how to clean it. However, it's easy to overlook some of the recommended steps for maintenance if you have been using it for a long time. Also, if you are using a new machine, the tendency of feeling overwhelmed and forgetting everything you were told when you received the equipment the first time will be high. It is important that you remind yourself of these maintenance tips so that your machine will work optimally for you.

Tips For Maintaining Respiratory Supplies In Indiana

1) Put Safety Over Everything

Safety is the most important consideration you should make when you're using the respiratory equipment. Before you start cleaning it, unplug it to avoid getting an electric shock from the power supply.

2) Cleaning Should Always Be A Priority

It is important that you don't joke with the maintenance of your CPAP equipment. Set out time to do the right job. Don't just put it on the bottom of the list of your priorities. It should be on your to-do list. Don't consider the time as too much. It is for your health benefit. It will make you feel better. When you feel like it's not important, remind yourself of how good using it makes you feel. When you feel this way, the time required to clean it will not be a burden to you.

3) Check Your Water Chamber Daily

Your water chamber should be attended to on a daily basis. Rinse it every morning with soapy water. After that, use clean, warm water to rinse it. That way, it will be ready for use before bedtime. Set out one day a week for a more thorough cleaning of the water chamber. Use a solution made with white vinegar and water to clean it. Pour the solution in and let it stay for a while. After that, remove it and use distilled water to rinse it.

4) Clean Your Mask Daily

It is important that you set out time during the day to clean your mask. Clean it every day to ensure functionality. How you clean it will depend on the type of mask you are using. The general rule is to remove the seal, headgear, and cushion before cleaning. As soon as you have disassembled it, wipe the foam cushion using a wet cloth. Note that this piece should not be dipped in water. Using warm soapy water, clean the mask frame and silicone seal. Wash the headgear with soapy warm at least once weekly.

5) Quick Cleaning

Every morning, devote a few minutes to do some quick cleaning to your respirator supplies in Indiana. The first quick cleaning should be for the tubing. Rinse the tubing with warm soapy water after removing it from the mask.

These are the top five tips for maintaining your CPAP equipment. If you follow them, you'll get the most out of your respiratory supplies in Indiana.