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WB Tech Tools

3 TOOLS to help you simplify your life.

WB Tech Tools can simplify your life!

  1. TEXT ALERTS! >> Sign up at your local WB to receive TEXT ALERTS! on your smart phone when your prescription is ready to pickup
  2. mobileRX >> Prescription Refills on the GO. With the mobileRx app, you can request refills from anywhere at any time from your iPhone or Android phone.
    We can walk you through the 4-Step Process here. (new page with instructions)
  3. WB Shops4U >> Here's a way to save you some time. Next time you have a prescription to pick up and also need a few over-the-counter items, go online to our WB Shops4U Online Tool. We'll have your items ready-to-go with your prescription order.
    Just Drive-up or Walk-in, Pay and GO. You'll be on your way in no time!
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