• I have been dealing with your grade pharmacy for a while now. You help me the first time when I was having trouble with hooks. I knew then that you were my pharmacy. Jeremy stayed with me last night to listen after hours and help me. When you've gone through what I have gone through the most important thing is people listening and caring. All your people that I have dealt with do that. that is why you are so busy. Jeremy goes the extra mile and he personally help me solve my medical issues to where I've made a complete turnaround. I have been dealing with things for over two years. During that time the whole staff help me get through some difficult situations. I would not have been able to do what I am doing right now and be completely understood. Jeremy this is what I mean by 100% back. I dictated this whole message and I could not have done that if I had not retain my full faculties with your help with my oxygen. with deepest regards, Monty

    Monty N.

    Mount Auburn, Shelby county

  • The service I got from the Olney WB DME and Matt was beyond excellent!! I give them high praises for helping me get out of the hospital with Covid and my oxygen set up. Everything was explained to me very well and the people were extremely nice and helpful... I am grateful for you and your employees. Thank you so much!



  • I want to thank Stacey for the help and praise her for all the time and effort of working with helping get a shower chair within my home within one day. She must be a great lady to deal with the public. I am sure to your company and her working team members appreciate her to the fullest, I know I do.!! Thank you, and I will spread the word what a delightful experience she gave me dealing with your office. John

    John C.


  • Williams Brothers SETS THE BAR, they are the STANDARD all companies should strive to meet. Attention to my needs touches me. I get called asking if I need supplies for my Bi-Pap machine before I even know I'm due for replacements. What could be better than that? Answer: NOTHING! Thank you Williams Brothers. Sincerely, Dave Whitener.

    David Whitener

    Salem Indiana

  • I went to the Grand opening yesterday at the Austin location. I got my medicine and entered the drawing. Well I won the Grand prize. Thank you Williams Bros. I love the service and the people. They genuinely care for the people they serve. I thought a company coming in and buying up the local pharmacy's would end up being a bad thing. I was wrong. These people are a family company and I seen that yesterday when the owners stopped for a picture in the parking lot.

    Chris Hickman


  • Very friendly and helpful. They followed up with phone calls to make sure that everything was going okay and to see if I had any questions or concerns. Very responsive to phone calls and questions.



  • They were very helpful and generous with their time. I was not rushed or made to feel like an inconvenience.

    Renee DeVary

    New Albany

  • We recently changed pharmacy to Williams Brothers in Washington, IN. I just have to say that the staff is superb!! Hanna and Angela have gone above and beyond for getting our RX transferred, to calling our Dr. and calling our insurance companies to get things ironed out. They are always moving fast but never miss a chance to be helpful and are always so friendly and kind. Thank you to all the staff at Washington Williams Brothers for making it a pleasure to do business with you!!

    Deborah Selby


  • My husband's humidifier broke on his bipap machine. The insurance would not approve a new machine for another year. Melissa at the New Albany center researched for a replacement humidifier and was able to repair his machine. We appreciate her for going above and behind for us!!

    Kay & John

    New Albany

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