Williams Bros. Offers Complete Infusion Services for Your Residents

The infusion therapy your staff provides to your residents needs to be handled carefully and professionally to ensure the best results. Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy has designed a series of comprehensive services and training that will ensure your staff will meet your residents' needs safely and with the best results. Let Williams Bros. manage all of your facility’s infusion needs; from new orders to delivery of IV products and supplies.

Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy Infusion Therapy Services Include:

  • Clinical monitoring and medication dosing
  • 24/7 on-call of Registered nurses and Pharmacists
  • IV certification and training for your staff
  • IV therapies including TPN, antibiotics, hydration, and pain management
  • Pharmacist reviews and clinical assessments of residents receiving IV therapies
  • IV services for antibiotic, hydration, and pain management
  • TPN, enteral therapy, and nutritional assessment
  • Clinical monitoring and dosing by a pharmacist
  • PICC/Midline placement
  • All supplies and equipment delivered to your long-term care facility
  • Billing specialist for infusion services

If you want to know more about Williams Bros. infusion therapy services for your long-term care facility, contact Williams Bros. LTC services today.