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You can never be too cautious with how efficiently you clean your CPAP equipment. Unfortunately, due to moisture and the process of  CPAP machinery, it can be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria if not properly handled. Lumin has created the perfect solution to combat these health issues in just 5 minutes! 

Lumin is a new CPAP cleaner and sanitizer that uses powerful, germicidal UVC light to disinfect CPAP masks and accessories within a 5-minute sanitation cycle. Advanced UVC lighting removes 99.9% of harmful bacteria, pathogens, and fungi that cause infection and illness. Lumin's UV light sources are strictly used in hospital operating rooms and sterile clean rooms, too. In comparison to other CPAP cleaners that require solutions, 2 hour wait periods and generate harmful Ozone (O3) rays which are harmful to humans and pets, the Lumin is an innovative and practical solution at half the cost and none of the hassle. 

You can expect Lumin's easy to use features and designs to provide the following:
-Remove harmful bacteria/organisms from CPAP equipment and other reasonable products
-A water solution-free and simple cleaning  procedure made for users of all ages
-A large aluminum container base which can fit tubes, water filters, masks and other misc. items
-All items guaranteed cleaned and ready to use in 5 minutes

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